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Design versatility

I love it all: retail advertising, websites, publishing, product design, business-to-business collateral, illustration and even creating coloring books. I’m an experienced designer enchanted by the world of design. I embrace the challenge of converting concepts into artistic solutions. I create print design projects, digital art and websites for clients in Marin County, San Francisco and anyplace with an e-mail connection. In the print arena I have an experienced eye for reviewing prepress color and I attend press checks to ensure final quality. As an art director I lead the best creative team of designers, copywriters and other production specialists. On the following pages you'll find a portfolio of my designs, illustration, and even kids' products.

Production management

As a kid I spent hours coloring and organizing my drawings and “important papers," and securing them in my beloved binder with its satisfying magnetic snap. No surprise that I grew up to be a designer and production manager. I take great pride in keeping the most complicated projects organized and on track. I create schedules, assign and coordinate talent, work with domestic and overseas vendors, review color, prepress and on-press processes. Through it all I make sure that your project is completed on time and always to expectations.

Creative services you can afford

You shouldn't need deep pockets to promote your business, products or services. The right design—one that positively reflects your image—can help you grow your business. Let's talk about how to affordably connect you to your target audience. 



 Print design • Websites • Packaging • Catalogs • Gift and product design • Branding • Books • Logos • Kid’s products 
• Retail creative • Business-to-business collateral • Direct response marketing



“Susan’s intelligence, positive energy, enthusiasm, truly impressive range of expertise, and ability to manage myriad projects with seeming ease are complemented by an affable personality and delightful sense of humor. I recommend her highly.”

-Pat Harris

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